We are a non-profit social organization that bases its philosophy and charitable endeavor in human development because we believe  is the most expeditious way to help a person to enhance their own qualities,  to become better and integrate more easily into society.

Human development is a process of expansion of physical, emotional and social capacities that are divided into three stages: grow, mature, adapt. It seeks to transform self-esteem by enumerating skills and weaknesses, going  beyond them and achieving self-knowledge, and self-realization.

Bienestares AC brings  Human Development  to  people of  marginal communities  through our programs: Healthy Family and “Entorno” (Environment), with the collaboration of our team of professionals in psychology, psychotherapy body awareness and environment professionals. This constitutes the axis, the foundation of all the tasks that we perform, and can be applied  for the social reality of any part of the country.


We live in a society in which the daily bread is violence, indifference, disrespect and intolerance.

We often see in the media how  governments of our country and the world struggle to solve these problems: Why there is no progress? What do we really have to do to change this situation?

All this  has led us to reflect deeply on the present and immediate future and to seek changes to lead Mexico to a better quality of life through concrete actions, focused on an effective solution.

To get into the core of this situation , we need to ask ourselves where the disadvantages come from. In Bienestares AC we want to heal the cause not the effect. We have come to the conclusion that the root of the problem is inside every Family. Over time societies, and therefore families, have been losing the basic values that solidify the human being.

The absence of self-esteem, family and community ties, communication, respect and direction, provoke violence, both verbal and passive, projecting itself to all levels of society.

Therefore our fundamental reason of being of Bienestares AC is to achieve a family strength that avoids violence in any form and in any stratum.

Our challenge is to promote and spread the fundamental principle that the human being is the center and essence of the family, and therefore of society. That through its potentialities it is possible to reach all kinds of objectives, with the certainty that developing human quality can integrate quality in society.

We are at a propitious moment to generate change, awakening faith in ourselves and in others, rebuilding the dignity of the Mexican to recover and establish values that can spread in the family and in society.




Promote and spread the fundamental principle that the individual is the center and essence of the family and society and that through the development of their potential, it is possible to achieve any type of objectives with the certainty that developing human quality is managed to integrate Quality in society.


To reassess the role of the family within society, thereby linking and integrating the individual with himself and his environment through human development programs that favor the integral growth of the community.


Honesty, to lead us with integrity and respect.

Loyalty, to be faithful to our beliefs and commitments.

Commitment, to use our capabilities to the maximum, to carry out what is entrusted to us, accepting obligations and duties.

Responsibility, to fulfill the commitments with professionalism and opportunity.

Respect, for our values and those of the community.