ENTORNO (Environment)

 A multidisciplinary program that aims to promote a healthier relationship with ourselves, our family, community and environment. By encouraging activities to promote each of these areas we generate awareness to the individual about the many tools he already posses. Promoting a balanced relationship with himself, society and nature.

Environment comes from the experience that we have achieved throughout the last 4 years thanks to our program FAMILIA SANA which is our root based program. This guideline gave us see the importance of including environmental education to the communities we work with.

The 3 pillars of Environment


Resilience activities that support the individual to listen to himself and handle emotions responsibly.


Yoga classes / body awareness / experiential anatomy all aimed at promoting self-knowledge and self-respect.


Activities to promote awareness and care for the environment, learning to manage the waste generated, encouraging recycling and use of  less harmful products for the environment.