Friends and Allies

Bienestares A.C strongly believes in the mutual support between individuals, local business and projects, which is why we are always looking for new alliances and partnerships to achieve our community projects, taking the best advantage of the great potential on  the current efforts around the bay . In the past years we have been working together with biologists, educators, associations and companies seeking to make a difference.

Explora Vallarta, is giving us great support with their volunteer team of biologists, teaching in our “Entorno” (environment) program. We thank them for bringing quality environmental education for our community.

 Punta de Mita Foundation is where we concentrate our fund, they provide us with the essential support of administration and keeps the transparency  every organization needs, we also obtain great  advice on several issues  through their training programs, helping us to be  more self-sufficient and better every day.

El Anclote restaurant has joined the cause by  donatating us quality food for our  Entorno Kids program (environment program for kids) that takes place every Thursday at the community of Emiliano Zapata.

This great team of young biologists executes a incredible project research and outreach in the bay, thanks to them our children know more about giant manta rays and the importance of its conservation.

Paraiso Bucerías has given  support  to our workshop facilitators, hosting volunteers who come from outside the bay, without their support we would not have room to accommodate our valued guests.

We  deeply thank you  and recognize the great support you have provided us.