We are a non-profit social organization that bases its philosophy and charitable endeavor in human development because we believe  is the most expeditious way to help a person to enhance their own qualities,  to become better and integrate more easily into society .

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The grater the human quality, the grater the social quality


Healthy Family

Familia Sana This is our core program and its aimed to support human development for families, by giving workshops designed for each  family member to create awareness on the [...]

Entorno Kids

ENTORNO KIDS This program is designed for the youngest ones of the community and its aimed to support them on their physical and emotional development, and to awake on them the necessary attitude [...]


ENTORNO (Environment)  A multidisciplinary program that aims to promote a healthier relationship with ourselves, our family, community and environment. By encouraging activities to promote each of these areas we generate awareness to the individual [...]


These workshops are given by voluntiers, and its goal is to strenghten  our permanent programs. We are always open to receive new people to perform any activities  for the welfare of the community within our three pillars; Development of the individual, the community and  Environment.

Body Maps and Territories

Body Maps and Territories Workshop given by Enrique Zednelem, artist and therapist originally from Mexico City, with the theme: Body Maps and territories. Its main objective is to raise awareness  of the human [...]


"Wantra" Workshop for teenagers imparted by Crystal Ra. She has developed a  movement method  aimed to connect with the vibration of water, finding our own fluidity  and the connection with what surrounds us. On this [...]

Sculpture workshop

Sculpture workshop imparted by the local artist Gerardo Noriega for the teenagers of the community of Punta de Mita, the objective was to incentive creativity, showing them new ways to relate with the environment [...]

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