Project Description


This program is designed for the youngest ones of the community and its aimed to support them on their physical and emotional development, and to awake on them the necessary attitude to take  care of our environment.
Entrono kids is possible thanks to the support of FOROB program:

FOROB is a program aimed to strengthen grassroots organizations  managed by  Fundación Punta de Mita, which  this year convened more than 60 organizations from the bay to present their proyects for the well being and community development. Bienestares A.C was selected with Entorno program for the kids of the communities of Corral del Risco and Emiliano Zapata ( Punta de Mita.) Obtaining this fund contributed in a grate way to strengthen our community programs, giving us the opportunity to reach not only the teenagers and parents but also the children of our community.